The Theory of Everything

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The Theory of Everything, I saw it on the 1st of February 2015.

It’s the story of Stephen Hawking, from the school year to these days.

Talking about this movie, it’s impossible not to compare it with other two titles about a scientist and a mathematician.

One is The imitation Game, also why it occurs in same season and both got several awards nominations, Oscar included.

The other is A Beautiful Mind, another Academy winner.

They have in common a real protagonist who got troubles in life, despite Turing hadn’t health problems, but somehow they succeed.

The limit of those films is making the audience seeing Math and Science under those scientists’ eyes, so that we have to trust what it’s being told, unless we are in the field ourselves and have knowledge on the matter.

The Theory of Everything has a fine cast and they give beautiful portraits. Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones and Maxine Peake are outstanding. Not forgetting the secondary characters played by David Thewlis, Harry Lloyd and Charlie Cox, plus some other guest stars.

I like to mention the young promise @TomPriorActor, who plays Stephen’s son Robert Hawking: he appears briefly at the end of the movie, but he’s a name to watch out for.

Music and Photography are effective. This is maybe a movie I wouldn’t watch more than one time, but I rather enjoyed it.

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