Goodbye Jonathan Ollivier, 1977 – 2015!

Jonathan Ollivier 1977 - 2015

(sorry, I will post credits for this picture a.s.a.p.)

The news on Sunday evening was far too sad, one of those news you wouldn’t never read! The dancer Jonathan Ollivier 1977 – 2015 died in the morning after a motorcycle accident.

I feel so sorry for him and his family and colleagues! I read he was a father, too! Destiny can be so unfair and yet he had an amazing life and will stay young forever!

I had the privilege to see him performing as Luca in “The Car Man” about one month ago, Sunday 5 July at the Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna, and I want to remember him smiling to people who asked for his autograph at the stage door after the show. I was watching from far all those wonderful dancers of the cast coming out of the theatre, unable to introduce myself and now I regret it!

That Sunday he had yet to make his last performance of “The Car Man” for Sadlers Wells in London.

The Car Man poster TheCarMan

Here some articles from colleagues and magazines, remembering him.

Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures post

Matthew Bourne and New Adventures tribute

Matthew Bourne and New Adventures pictures on their Facebook page

Chriss Mann photographer 10 August

The Guardian article

Etta Murfitt tweet

Tom Clark tweet

Ashley Shaw tweet

Dominic North tweet

Layton Williams tweet

Ravenna Festival tweet


Update 18/8: a very moving one on 15/8 “In honour of a consummate artist” by Paul Valley

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