Save The Honest Actors’ Podcast!

I’m following The Honest Actors’ Podcast & Blog for some time, as they share precious, honest words from actors about their profession, which is always so interesting to me, being not one of them, but loving Performing Arts and everything related. I like to know how the profession is from the inside!

Because it’s not all roses being an actor, but it’s great to see how they go ahead with every day’s problems and don’t give up!

The creator is an actor himself, Jonathan Harden @jonatharden

You can listen for free to podcasts or read blogs on the website:


(logo copyright of The Honest Actors’ Podcast)

Words are on the profession, training, advices to other actors, journals, health problems, depression, muggle life, but also family and humour.

It’s such an interesting archive already and it will be a precious source for new actors of the future. Or actors already in the field can see their own experience through the point of view or their colleagues.

It will be very interesting, as he said below, if we hear the voices of younger and less experienced actors moving their first steps in the profession!

Here five of my favorites, so you can see the hard work the Honest Actors do:

Here, some notes from the author about the episodes: episode-notes.

But is now “The End for The Honest Actors Podcast” after just one year?

Let’s hope not!!!

The response to the all things Honest Actors’ has been overwhelming since day one!

Harden was determined to keep the podcast free for everyone, eventually even for him, but without a sponsor, the project just isn’t sustainable anymore.

In his own words: “I feel that there’s an audience who want and need The Honest Actors Project to continue. With them in mind, I would love to take it to the next level. I’d love to start releasing new episodes weekly. I’d love to open the project out and start interviewing not just actors, but directors, producers and casting directors. I’d love to find a way to give voice to younger and less experienced actors. And I’d love to start having occasional round-table discussions and maybe even live events.

So follow the hashtag #savehonestactors on Twitter and Facebook and spread the word, let’s help him keeping up the good work!

Here some ways you can help The Honest Actors’ Podcast & Blog:

To #savehonestactors and get it back on, we need to show potential sponsors that it is worth getting behind, demonstrating the value of the project in the only thing business understands: numbers. Numbers on the mailing list, numbers of social media followers, numbers of tweets, numbers of downloads, numbers of ratings etc etc.

To that end, I need just 2 minutes and 25 seconds of your time. Starting now…

  1. Tweet your thoughts on the podcast and the suspension using the hashtag #savehonestactors (45 seconds)
  2. Post a link on facebook linking to the iTunes feed, recommending your favourite episode (45 seconds)
  3. Joining the mailing list (15 seconds), click like on facebook (5 seconds) and click ‘follow’ on Twitter (5 seconds)
  4. Leave a rating on iTunes (30 seconds – there’s a video explaining how to do it here)

Finally, please do your best to listen to the latest audio content today, so that I can show a big spike in downloads and hopefully a Top 10 spot on iTunes.

Here the Press Release in PDF.

Fingers crossed for him we save The Honest Actors’ Podcast & Blog!

I’m sure many fans would listen to their favorite actors’ words

or discover some new ones through the site!



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