I’ve got a very special e-mail about my blog! For the Love of Theatre!

Description of a Theater of 5th Century B.C. from www.greektheatre.gr

Thursday 8 November was one of those day when you don’t expect nothing exciting to happen.

A ‘normal’ day in the life of a ‘normal’ person.

But on the evening I switched my PC on and a special e-mail arrived and cheered my day up!

It made me remember the reason why I started to write this blog. I’m pleased when people remind it to me!

The e-mail says:

<<Good Afternoon,

My name is Ally F., and I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Sarah enjoyed the performing arts and theatre info on your page, https://amovietheatregoer.net/links/ . She just joined the Drama Club at her school this year and has taken a real interest in theater and acting- She’s been working on a project for history class as well about the history of theatre, and mentioned your page was very helpful several times- and thought you’d be glad to hear!

I told Sarah it’d be great if we sent you a thank you for the info, and she wanted to share this article from USC about Ancient Greek theatre, and “Greek Tragedies”https://librarysciencedegree.usc.edu/the-tragedies-and-comedies-of-ancient-greek-theatre/ . I thought it was a really cool article, and was hoping you might be able to include it on your page? I’d love to show Sarah she could contribute some another cool article for other kids who are interested in theatre and acting, and the arts!

Thanks again for encouraging Sarah’s interest in performing arts and theatre! I think it’s great she’s found an awesome new hobby and passion, and it’s great to see her enthusiasm towards it! Hope you enjoy the article, and if you end up being able to include it, please let me know! Have a wonderful day, and hope to speak again soon!


Ally F.>>


How pleased I am!!! I’m trying to imagine her working to her project, looking through the blog to get information! Best wishes to Sarah for her future! It’s also great she have the support of her mother, who thought to send this message!

I find great that young people get interested in Theatre and Performing Arts and if I can give even a little contribution, my aim is made. I’m only sorry I was lazy and I don’t update my blog for some time, due to work. And I’m quite slow writing in English, I make a lot of changing while reviewing it.

The e-mail gave me more determination to continue with the blog and I’ll be more than happy to share more writings by Sarah!

Have a look at her beautiful article on the Ancient Greek Theatre, link in the message. I will also share it in full in the following blog.

About Ancient Theatre, I thought to send Sarah and her mother the link to this article about an Italian festival taking place at 65 km from where I live: http://www.comune.sarsina.fc.it/inglese/storia/plauto.htm

Their official site is in Italian only, I’m afraid http://www.plautusfestival.it/. It would be great to attend to it with some fellow theatregoers.

So I got another e-mail after my reply:

<<Thanks so much for getting back to us! I know Sarah really enjoyed your page, and we just thought it was really cool web site for anyone interested in theatre and performing arts, so wanted to send you a note- so glad you got it !


I will definitely show Sarah the article about the Italian renaissance festival- she is really interested in history, especially theatre history, so I’m sure she will enjoy it- thanks for sharing!

Thanks agin so much for getting back to us- and I cannot wait to check out your post and show her when you have had a chance to do it- Sarah will be thrilled and proud to be able to contribute!!

Ally F.>>

Now we want to keep in touch, we are exchanging more e-mails. 🙂

Btw, today 14 November 2018 is #LoveTheatreDay, so I wanted to share this nice story with you!

Follow the hashtag all day for amazing stuff theatres and people of theatre will share for everybody’s pleasure, enjoy the moment and go to see something on stage if possible! It’s because we love Theatre that we met on here!

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