Oops… I did it again!

Oops… I did it again! I donated to a crowdfunding for a short film!

THE REV” is a very special project by a very special team and it will see the BFI involved!

I couldn’t be more curious and impatient to see the progress and the film itself.

I would have liked to donate more, but I’m self employed, so I could only choose “Backer Credit & Advance Screening”.

I’m glad I contributed, anyway. They’ve hit their target, but there are still 16 days to donate. Have a look!


The location they chose looks stunning, as you can see in the link, and the story couldn’t be more intriguing:

<<Once, Neil Marlow’s life (Jack Holden, you may know from ‘War Horse’, ‘Journey’s End’ and ‘Outlander’) was a spontaneous festival of frivolity, friends and funk music. Now, it’s one of OAPs, weekly bingo and ready-meals. Neil Marlow (aka The Rev), has chosen a life of the cloth above a life of liberalism and like so many before him he is convinced that his sexuality and extroverted personality is incompatible with his religious beliefs. This is the story of that struggle. The struggle of repression and rejection, of the vain attempt to leave a part of himself behind in the belief that he will somehow be happier if he inhibits his true self. 

This film is a snapshot into Rev Marlow’s life at a crucial turning point – he receives a photo from an old friend reminding him of the life he once lived, and without warning, the hermetically sealed world that he’d built around him begins to fall apart.

Having spent years trying to turn his back on this past identity, his immediate compulsion is to throw the picture away – he is unwilling to remember. But the photo has sown a seed, one that slowly takes root. This memory from the past has revived a vital part of himself and as hard as he might try, he can no longer resist it. So, when he’s asked to prepare a last-minute funeral he lets himself go, and his imagination runs wild.

At last, the Rev allows his instincts to lead him and is rewarded by an extroverted redemption in the shape of a spectacularly extravagant dance performance.>>

A fantastically choreographed dance performance” they promise to be in the final scene makes me gloating already.

See the video introducing The Rev below!

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