Every people have a villain they love to hate.

Well, it happens that I usually love the villains more than the heroes, because they’re more complex and able to give us surprises, if the script is good enough, of course. It happens that baddies are played by some of the finest actors around and that they are often very lovely people in real life.

Some character actors use to play baddies for almost their whole career. The baddie is a recurring character in series and I love to see what he/she does to reach his/her goal. And almost all the villains die very badly at the end of the story, but are them those we remember the most.

I use to call some of them “villains with reasons” because they’re not just “bad”, but there are reasons why they behave like they do.

Of course this is just fiction. I wouldn’t stand them in real life, especially those based on real characters.

There are less women than men in this list, I can’t say if it’s a coincidence or if it means something…

Screencaps are taken from the productions. The list is in alphabetical order.




Alfred Crackenthorpe played by Ben Daniels in Agatha Christie’s Marple 4:50 from Paddington (2004). He’s not a proper baddie, but he doesn’t behave in a good way with his siblings and sister-in-law in the episode and is killed at some point because he tries to blackmail the murderer.




Paul Grayson played by Ben Daniels in the TV series Flesh And Bone, 2015. He is an authoritarian, bipolar, sex obsessed ballet director who treats his dancers in an awful way, but you can’t help finding him compelling.




General Hux played by Domhnall Gleeson in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, 2015, and the incoming Episode VIII, 2017, where I hope he’ll have more space. He’s a new entry in the Star Wars saga, but immediately got my attention. With his red hair and cold blue eyes and emphatic voice, he looks like if he was carved from a block of ice, ready to conquer the universe.




Gary Kendal played by Kevin Sutton in In The Flesh, 2013-2014. This wonderful series got even four baddies and them all deserve to be in this list!




Leopold The Tutor played by Ben Daniels in Madeline, 1998. He’s a criminal posing as the tutor of Pepito, the son of the Spanish ambassador, planning to get his money.



Loki Laufeyson played by Tom Hiddleston in Thor, 2011 – The Avengers, 2012 and following movies of the two series. After a great start in the first Thor, they ruined him a bit in The Avengers, it looked like if he was a puppet. But I still love him. In fact, I’m part of the Loki’s Army on Twitter. He’s the main reason why I always want to see new movies in the saga. Loki is by far more interesting than his stepbrother and his costume is cooler!




Bill Macy played by Steve Evets in In The Flesh, 2013.


Elliott Marston played by Alan Rickman in the movie Quigley Down Under, 1990, and his team of baddies.

His parents were killed by Aborigines when he was young, so he wants to kill all of them. Hideous. But Alan Rickman’s performance was unforgettable.



Maxine Martin played by Wunmi Mosaku in In The Flesh, 2014.




Vicar Oddie played by Kenneth Cranham in In The Flesh, 2013-2014.




Darth Vader played by David Prowse / James Earl Jones (voice) in Star Wars (1977) – Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)  – Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen in the ’90s trilogy – Spencer Wilding / Daniel Naprous / James Earl Jones in Rogue One (2016) – and other actors along the years, even in animated movies and in parodies. But is the adult Darth Vader I like the most, because he’s divided between the love for his children and the loyalty to the Empire. His heart is divided. We see him covered by his uniform and helmet all the time, until the end, when Luke removes his helmet and we see a pale old man face who doesn’t seem the same strong fighter he was some moments before. He’s the first baddie I ever liked and his apparition in Rogue One is still effective.