Childhood myths

Childhood Myths related to Cinema, Television, Theatre, Music


The yellow frisbee we children won in a dairy packet in the end of the ‘70s/ early’80s. I still have it.


_pallino verde


Le Sorelle Bandiera were:
– Tito LeDuc
– Franco Caracciolo
– Neil Hansen
– Mauro Bronchi

Videos on Youtube

 _pallino verde

man   Man_About_The_House_opening_screen

Man About the House
(Un Uomo in Casa in Italian)
So ’70s! I’m crazy about the ’70s! And it was my first sight of London!
How much I loved those red shoes and those yellow trousers in the opening!
And I found irresistible the four boys and girls.
And I liked the older ones George and Mildred. George reminded me of one of my uncles, for some reasons…
The secondary characters, like Jerry, are not least! What  amazing cast and plot!!

Many years after, I’ve taped the entire series from TV and we watch it again and again!
Today, we are impressed on its brisk language, open about sex and gayness. Almost nobody in Italy remember the original series, they remember only the US remake! It’s a fact there isn’t a DVD of UK Man About the House here, yet, but they published US Three’s Company! 😦

_pallino verde

George_e_Mildred   george and mildred


George & Mildred
(same title in Italian)
The Italian theme song is very nice (we had it in a cassette) video

Some years ago, I’ve bought the DVD of the entire series.

_pallino verde


 The Muppets Show

A Fan Site is

Here Muppet Characters – Listed by Voices

_pallino verde


Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies

The Italian Fan Site is

_pallino verde


The five movies on Don Camillo, with Fernandel as Don Camillo and Gino Cervi as Peppone!

IMDb page

_pallino verde


The cassette of the album “Bandiera Gialla” by the Italian singer Ivan Cattaneo

Official site:

_pallino verde


The Italian-American baby-singer Nikka Costa.

She was just two years older than me, was a Gemini

and she was a singer already at 8 years old!

Despite she continues her career today, I wasn’t able to follow her anymore.

Official site:

_pallino verde


Barbie the doll….well, no need to explain what a girl feels playing with her….

I had some, these above were two of them.

Official site:

 _pallino verde


 Fury, the West horse, as we call him in Italy.

With Rin Tin Tin (The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin), those two series made me dream of the Far West already. Having two older brothers, I played with them in their boys games.

That’s one reason why I find western movies fascinating. I also had a blue t-shirt with the horse I loved much. I have to find a picture in which I was wearing it.

Fan site: A Fury Scrapbook

Loving animals, I also had  a passion for movies and series dedicated to dogs and horses.

rin tin tin

Fury, Rin Tin Tin, the dog of Tintin, Lessie, F-Troop, National Velvet and International Velvet,

How The West Was Won. All great!


Rin Tin Tin Official Website:

Tintin Official site:

Two on Lassie: and

National Velvet and International Velvet on IMDb

F-Troop at the IMDb and a fan page

How The West Was Won on IMDb

_pallino verde

Fairy tales!


Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Alladin and so on…

Or legends like the one of Robin Hood, King Arthur or The Sword in the Stone.

What about the Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood?

It was so funny!

_pallino verde

Orzowei Sandokan Les Galapiats

Great adventures on tv from different countries!

Orzowei, Sandokan, Les Galapiats.

_pallino verde

Glastonbury Tor   FamousFive

phoenix  Doctor in the House

Some other British series.

Like one where kids found a golden egg inside a carpet (I think the title was The Phoenix and the Carpet)

The Famous Five. Doctor in the House. Sky.

_pallino verde

Woobinda   dottoriagliantipodi

And from Australia: Woobinda, The Young Doctors.

Woobinda tribute page

_pallino verde


And lot of cartoons from Japan! My favorite ever is still Mobile Suit Gundam!

_pallino verde

(to be continued…)


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