Lysander from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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There’s a character sweeter and funnier than Lysander? I don’t think so. As soon as he appears on stage, he immediately makes you smile. The only romantic one who got all the positive qualities, even when he’s under the spell. Maybe, let’s admit it, he’s a bit naive and sometimes looks like a student, but he’s also very likeable and loves his Hermia and he isn’t scared of running away with her to avoid an unwanted marriage and live together. For this reason, the role requests the right actor (not always right in some productions, in my opinion): young, sweet and good looking, physically agile, making a good interaction with the other actors.

So here a list of some actors who played Lysander in some versions of AMND (in chronological order from older to newest). For some I was lucky enough to find more than one photos!

It can’t be exhaustive, of course, because the role was played so many times, so I post just my favorites or those I find curious!

Read also a collection of all the Lysander’s speeches:


2016 Jack HoldenRSC – UK Tour – I saw the play at the Barbican in London and I loved his performance so much! So funny! Photographers Geraint Lewis, Topher McGrillis.


2016 Calum Finlay – TV recording for CBeebies – they cut some lines to make it suitable for children, but it was a lovely program. (He’s the one on the right).


1999 Dominic West – movie 20th Century Fox – On screen the play hasn’t the same magic than on stage, but this was a nice production. Copyright (c) Fox Searchlight.