Man in fear


 Man In Fear –  2011

I saw it for the first time the 6th of June 2012 , courtesy of Mr. Will Jewel!

Writer/Director Will Jewell

 Starring: Luke Treadaway (Anthony Fox), Tim Healy (Sgt Brown),

James Lance (Ian Gilchrist)

 Watch the trailer in the official site:

My review

 A young man, Anthony Fox, runs for his life, trying to avoid dangerous things which happen around him. Each time he escapes a fatal accident.

He thinks someone wants to kill him, so he doesn’t trust anybody. Every person who comes into contact with him is shifty.

At the beginning, you can’t avoid a smile, thinking he has to be a bit ‘paranoid: he doesn’t even trust the dish that the waitress in a cafeteria brings to the table, even if he seems hungry, and he’s scared crossing the road.

But his forehead is injured and you start to wonder what he holds inside the briefcase. The place in which he walks seems like a war zone due to unsafe building sites around, so maybe he really is in danger.

Until he walks into a suburban Police Station and asks a policeman for assistance, giving him his incredible explanation.

  “Man in Fear” is a race towards an answer to the mystery. Who wants to kill the young man, who tightly holds onto the briefcase he carries everywhere he goes?

 It isn’t easy to create a good thriller in only a few minutes, but the plot is fascinating and works well; you can feel the adrenaline pumping. However, it also has a dose of irony.

I could easily imagine the man had just committed a bank robbery and that he’s running away from his accomplices or the police. The end really surprised me and my imagination runs on how it all began. I find the reference to Conceptual Artists fascinating since, in real life, most Conceptual Artists use extreme measures in order to express their ideas on Art.

 You can’t take your eyes off the protagonist, Luke Treadaway, puts in a great performance and is very convincing in playing a vulnerable man who knows what’s going on, but cannot find any way of escaping.

 The experienced actor Tim Healy is brilliant as the policeman, the only honest person who could really help Anthony Fox.

 James Lance, the artist, has very scary eyes, even if he doesn’t say a word and only appears for a few seconds, you understand he’s a dangerous, obstinate man.

 A pounding soundtrack accompanies the entire length of the film and puts a strain on the action.  And take a look at the credits, which appear as labels attached to the wall of an Art gallery.

 I guess this short movie will attend to many festivals around the world and I’m sure it will win lots of awards!

  (thanks to my friend Public_Pers for having helped me with the English form!)



 “Man in Fear” was part of “The Joy of Six – a new feature-length compilation of six acclaimed short British films”, the 9th of November 2012   site


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