Last Movie Seen On Big Screen

 …and my opinions on them (work in progress, I may think about making a page for every title in the future)




[Darkest Hour 07/02/2018 coming soon]

My Generation 05/02/2018

dubbed in italian, with some original scenes with subtitles

My Generation, a movie about the Swinging London and the artist who were young at the time, who saw and started a revolution in arts and society and influenced other young people around the world. I wish I lived that age!

It’s such a fascinating documentary introduced by Michael Caine, who is the narrator, followed by memories told by all working class talents like him (by the way, I didn’t know he has such a background), who also happened to be friends and collaborators: Paul McCartney, Twiggy, David Bailey, Joan Collins, Roger Daltrey, Marianne Faithfull, Bárbara Hulanicki, Lulu , Terry O’Neill, David Puttnam, Mary Quant, Sandie Shaw, Penelope Tree plus archive material of make up artist Vidal Sassoon and musicians like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and David Bowie.

There’s a lot to like in the film, first of all those who talk from the time they were young (some artist I admire much), the original vivid colours everything had then and the wonderful soundtrack with many hits of the ’60s! It’s like taking a time-machine!

Only Caine had filmed scenes at the present time and archive material of younger him walking inside buildings and down the street are alternated with the other frames.

With the help of a fast cutting that mixes together original videos and photos, the movie shows the youth of the ’60s breaking rules and traditions imposed by that old-fashioned, depressing, socially underdeveloped gray country Britain was, meeting up to share ideas and, along the streets of London, creating a new art which involved music, cinema, photography, fashion, make up, hairstyles. They were also against war and the old warlike upper class.

The movie doesn’t hide the problems many of them had with drugs and the law, though, but that’s part of the fascination!

In an ideal sequel of My Generation, I imagine them talking about the following years that led to Punk, a movement of young people, again, who in turn felt betrayed by the previous generation.

Call Me By Your Name 01/02/2018

it was screened in original language with Italian subtitles

[I was fearing that this movie would never arrive to Italian screens, because of the gay plot between a teenager and a young adult (I’ve seen things in my country you people wouldn’t believe…), but I’m relieved that the reason why it has come so in late here is only because the distributors had postponed the release date after the Oscar nominations announcement. It got nominated for four Oscars, so maybe they were right: Italians have now one more incentive to go and see the movie.]


First, I have to say you must watch CMBYN in original because the cast speaks English, Italian, French, Hebrew, German and some words of a Northern Italy’s dialect. That introduces you to an American family with a high background, passing Summer days in a not specified place of North Italy inside a gorgeous ancient villa. It’s interesting to see the dynamics between people and the tone of voice they use wich each other. With the dubbing you would miss this richness.

When the American student Oliver, who’s Jewish like them, comes to study at the house, he’s very welcome, but at the beginning Elio, the young protagonist, doesn’t seem to like him much because he’s elusive. Both the lads seem to be interested in reading books, music and girls, but much much ahead in the movie, they fall in love with each other. Oliver has kept sending signals to Elio about his interest in him the young boy doesn’t get at the beginning, but when everything happens their is a strong and physical love.

Elio’s parents, played by Amira Casar and Michael Stuhlbarg, are very understanding and give the two lads their space, much surprising thinking about the time the movie takes place in. Maybe their humanistic studies made them open minded. At some point, I had the impression that Elio’s father was much more in love with the naked body of ancient sculptures and, maybe, with Oliver, than with his wife: from what he says to his son at the end, I was quite right.

CMBYN talks about a great love story the audience can relate to. There’s a good chemistry between the two actors despite the age gap, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet are able to talk the many languages and to perform the love scenes with spontaneity. Hammer is so far from the all-American-boy cliché, he’s not scared of playing roles like this, which could bring him troubles in his own country. I admire him for that for some time. In fact, an actor interested in acting and not in gossip, shouldn’t bother about it.

But it’s sad that none of the two young men seem to see a future together and that makes the end of the movie melancholy. When Oliver announces he’s going to marry, nobody seems surprised. Summers ends and a snowy winter comes, a metaphor of their love. The last scene, with Elio crying in front of the fireplace in particular is so effective and well performed, it’s worth the whole movie to watch it! There are sadness, anger but also awareness in his eyes. Call Me By Your Name belongs to the young Chalamet.

Another character I liked much is Marzia, played by Esther Garrel, who plays her role with sensitivity and sensuality. I imagine the disappointment of many girls falling in love with guys who prefer men.

The movie is perhaps a bit too long and slow, as sometimes hot Summer afternoons are, but I enjoyed it! A full immersion in the Italy of the ’80s, like taking a time machine, with none of the clichés I feared to see, with objects and music of the time, it’s much realistic. Social media didn’t exist at the time, so young people used to enjoy themeselves in a much different way, just being together enjoying the Summer, reading, listening to music and having baths. I’m sad that the two boys didn’t stay together. I haven’t read the books by André Aciman, maybe something goes on later?

CMBYN is also much ironic, especially during the most delicate scenes, the audience laughed in many occasions! You see the refined touch of James Ivory in the screenplay.

I thank the production for having done a good work with the soundtrack and the recostruction of the time. I’ve seen far too many movies set in the ’80s Italy with a very awful ’80s hits and with dancing scenes looking fake!

There’s stunning photography: filming such locations you can’t be wrong. Colours are vivid and there are plenty of interesting frames to underline details. There are little funny ones non-Italian audience could not get, especially about politics.

I’d like this movie to win all the nominations at every awards, so I wish them good luck for the Oscar nominations!

Now I’m curious to know if Luca Guadagnino will film other movies, there are rumours the director is thinking about it.


to be completed


to be completed


This season 2014-2015 is going to be the best season ever!

The Theory of Everything 01/02/2015

Talking about “The Theory of Everything” it’s impossible not to compare it with other two movies on scientists/mathematicians I saw.

One is “The Imitation Game”, that occurs in the same season and both got several awards nominations, Oscar included. The other is “A Beautiful Mind”, Academy winner. They have in common a real protagonist who got troubles, despite Turing hadn’t health or mental problems.

Their limit is making the audience seeing Math and Science only through those scientists’ eyes. We have to trust what they do and what they say during the action, unless we are scientist ourselves. But it’s always fascinating to see Maths on screen. It’s a subject I loved at school.

At the beginning I feared this film followed other movies scheme, jumping back and forth in time, becoming boring if the director isn’t good enough. It doesn’t happen, time is circular there, it ends from when it begins, showing that even people with serious health problems can be happy and get good results in life. This way of showing time is important, it follows the theory Stephen Hawking is trying to demostrate all his life.

The director, James Marsh, did an excellent work, with the help of a good screenplay by Anthony McCarten, based on Jane Hawking‘s book, Stephen’s first wife.

Before to see this movie, I’ve always got the impression that Hawking conquers people with his intelligence and humor in such a hard situation and the movie is brilliant in showing this side of his nature. And it’s good he was surrounded by people who didn’t let him down, like his first wife.
The Theory of Everything” got an amazing cast, such beautiful portraits. Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones and Maxine Peake are outstanding, they have total control on their acting without being pathetic! They have to play characters who are still alive, the comparison must make their work harder, that’s why British actors never disappoint.

Redmayne, an actor I don’t know much, yet, in particular is impressive, he had to work on his character not only in manners, but also in movements.
Not forgetting the secondary roles played by David Thewlis, Harry Lloyd and Charlie Cox, their loyal friends, their performance is honest, plus we see some other guest stars in smaller parts (like Emily Watson as Jane’s mother, Enzo Cilenti as Kip Thorne, Tom Prior as their son Robert Hawking, just to mention some)
The soundtrack and frames are beautiful, with a good revival of the decades. Colours are so vivid, like when Hawking gets the idea to write his degree on black holes, he sees the fire through his sweather and it’s a magic moment!
This year the “battle” for Oscars is going to be very hard!


Paddington 05/01/2015

Paddington” is a treat, not just for kids!

Starting with the idea of a Peruvian bear, Paddington, who thinks and talks like the humans, we take this bizarre story for real. Don’t forget this is a modern fairy tale.

Poor Browns, the family that takes him home when he goes to London to find the British explorer Montgomery Clyde, who visited his uncles in Peru years before, get their life shaken as if a hurricane passed through their door. But he makes things better for everyone.

The bear is so sweet that I wanted to hug him! I adore his face and his red hat! I also loved the campaign they made to launch it. The actors got one sculpture of Paddington each and painted it as they liked. People who met those sculptures along the streets of London shared pictures of them with the bears on the social media.

Apart from the three Peruvian bears, made with special effects, the other characters are played by real actors. I particularly adore Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville as the Browns, Nicole Kidman and Peter Capaldi as the baddies, the guest apparitions of Matt Lucas, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters, Steve Oram and Tim Downie as Clyde.

And it got London as location, so I liked it even more!

Haha, nobody in the movie finds strange seeing Paddington, it’s so imaginative and amusing! You will die laughing!

I only regret I had to see it with dubbing, so I missed Ben Whishaw, Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon’s voices as the bears.

A must to see, to watch again in original.


The Imitation Game 02/01/2015

Just back after #TheImitationGame, I got the last good seat, never saw so many people in a cinema and it’s a multiplex! And they tell me there’s the economical crysis!!
I confirm it’s a wonderful movie indeed! Don’t read my report if you want to avoid spoilers.

I regret the movie was dubbed in Italian.

First of all, I must specify that in August 2013 I saw the interesting exhibition “Breaking The Code” dedicated to Alan Turing at the Museum of Science of London, that explained a lot on his life and work:

It’s hard to imagine how a historical character you always saw standing still in b&w pictures could have been in real life, but I found Benedict Cumberbatch close to the idea I had of Alan Turing.
For sure he’s closer to Alan Turing than Derek Jacobi in age and aspect. Despite the tragic in Turing’s life, Cumberbatch plays him with tenderness and irony. There are some funny scenes and jokes. I’m liking this actor a lot.
There’s lack of some important details they could have inserted, like how he managed his sexual life, while the relationship with Joan is like documents report, he wanted to marry her and got admiration for her.
And we know from archives that he had foreseen the death of his best friend Christopher, he was interested in the occult and he was close to his mother, who we don’t see at all, while I had the impression she was important to him, she survived him and was never convinced he committed suicide poisoning himself.

But of course, the story of Alan Turing could have been told in many different ways: a movie of six hours, telling facts following a timeline, wouldn’t have been enough the same!
So they chose to jump from a year to another, with a detective who’s investigating on the mistery toward Turing’s life during WWII, focusing on the invention of the machine called Christopher, that Turing loved so much, like a dear friend. We see, too, some facts from his early years, that made him the man he was later, to last years of his life.
Maybe for those in the audience who know very little about him, could be hard to follow the events.
About the supporting cast, they chose some classy actors I greatly appreciated, like Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Rory Kinnear, Allen Leech, Matthew Beard and the always charming Matthew Goode! Also the actors who play young Alan and Christopher, repectively Alex Lawther and Jack Bannon, are convincing.
And I liked Keira Knightley as Joan, she understood how to play the character, while she didn’t convince me at all in “A Dangerous Method”, but I know she’s a fine actress and was good in other movies. Well done, lady!
I bet #TheImitationGame will get Academy Awards like rain!

This movie makes me feel very angry against those who ruined Turing’s life. First his classmates, then people in higher position, then the law. I imagine those evil people burning in hell and him smiling in paradise.
It’s dreadful what Turing had to face in last years of his life! And he got “forgiveness” only in 2013!!
People who wonder why gay people needed to speak up should watch this movie and understand what did it mean being persecuted like that just because they were “different”.
Great Britain didn’t appreciate their national treasures, they threw them away!
And it still happens in too many countries today!

A twitter follower just suggested this link to me:, I’d like to visit Bletchley Park one day!



The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 31/12/2014

I spent a different last night of the year at the cinema for the first time in my life, seeing The Hobbit with my “kemosabe” Mara!

I’m glad it has been a fantastic year for on big screen!

But this movie didn’t convinced me as I expected. I confirm best moments are from B&B, aka Bilbo&Bard, played, in my opinion, by the two best elements in the cast, Martin Freeman and Luke Evans. I wasn’t satisfied by some other’s performances, even if I liked those actors elsewhere.

I feel sorry to say last TheHobbit is the worst of the six movies from Tolkien, it fails where it should be epic, “too much meat on fire” I would say.

Too many special effects ruined it, where the book describes the events in a simpler way.

While I appreciate that Bard has a bigger epic role, where in the book you hardly notice him.

Definitely, “The Fellowship of the Ring” still remains my favorite between all the Peter Jackson movies.


Pride again 29/12/2014

Seeing it again, I didn’t change my opinion.


Pride 09/12/2014

The British filmmakers did some good movies based on the time when Margareth Thatcher was their Prime Minister. Those were desperate years for working class people.

But not all the titles are good, while I can say “Pride” is: a honest movie that makes you feel sorry for those people, but also laugh a lot even in the most crazy scenes. Before it was filmed, very few people knew about the story of this group of gay and lesbian people who supported the miners of Galles during a strike. Today seems impossible to join forces for a cause.

I don’t know which character I like the most! Their stories work because they’re based on real people and the cast seemed much involved in the story. All the Moet Bifa Awards to Pride were well deserved!

Or maybe my favorite would be Mark Ashton, played by the American actor Ben Schnetzer, who would have deserved a Bifa for his excellent performance, while he got just a nomination! The movie works mostly because of him. I feel sorry for the real Mark, gone so young!!

And, despite I’m not much fond of the ’80s, the soundtrack worth a mention, it contains some great hits of the first half of the decade!

Mark Ashton legacy on Twitter and via


Dracula Untold 03/11/2014

This movie is a must see as I expected! Not a proper horror movie, more an epic story on a real character, with a lot of immagination in showing how his life could have been.

The only kind of stories on vampires I could like. I always liked Dracula, he was a man before to be a vampire and being based on a real person, it’s fascinating! The movie shows us his story from the beginning and gets even better in the second half, even if there’s no refer to the illness who made his legend! I wonder if he was the savage warrior who killed hundreds enemies like history tells us, or if he did it to protect his people. And I’m intrigued by the ending, is open to a new chapter!

I liked the different way Vlad interacts with things and bats after the transformation! And the different way his people look at him!

is the perfect hero. Bold and masculine, but able to show tenderness towards his family, fear and pain! How many Hollywoodian actors could do it?

It got a suggestive scenary and a very powerful soundtrack! Not forgetting the tender love story between Luke Evans and !

But I must see it without dubbing the next time!


Oh Boy 29/07/2014

Oh Boy indeed, lolol!! Back at home after “Oh BoyA Coffee in Berlin” in a summer review en plein air, we didn’t take rain for a short while!

Not for action movies lovers! It’s more my kind of movies!

It was shot in 2012 and arrived in Italy in big late, I even find amazing it arrived!

Director/Writer: Jan Ole Gerster, featuring Tom Schilling, ein Berliner Schauspieler.

Poor Niko, he gets many troubles during the film, but he does nothing to prevent his life to be lost. He drops out of university and ends up wandering the streets of Berlin, like a sort of Ben Braddock, looking for a coffee, a simple espresso he isn’t able to find.

The search for it becomes a journey where he meets all sort of people who don’t understand him and he doesn’t understand in return:

– his girlfriend leaves him,

– a doctor says he’s mad,

– his rich father locks money when he finds out his son has left the university,

– his mad eyed neighbor throws himself at his feet, weeping for the woman who has left him,

– he falls in love with a beautiful woman he doesn’t recognise being his fat ex classmate, who wants to get back at insults she got at school even from him,

– he meets a bunch of bullies who beat him and some others even tease Niko because he’s short: 1,70 in real life, well not big height for a German, but he’s taller than me, hehe!

– until he meets a man who really shocks him, inside the last bar he walks into!

At the end I wanted to hug Niko!

aka Nico is a sensible actor, perfect for the role! According to he’s 32 and still looks like a teenager! Good performance!



Philomena 27/12/2013

Thank you dear Judi Dench for giving us this new performance! Thank you real Philomena allowing them using your story!

I didn’t know Steve Coogan yet. Good work with both the screenplay and the performance. Bravo! Even if I think Coogan was in HotFuzz?

Good work from Stephen Frears + cast&crew!

For those who know Frears career, it’s clear his intention is to be provocative, so some characters look hideous and he’s totally on Philomena’s side. Maybe it’s better don’t thinking about the bad behind the story, but focusing only on the performances.

Don’t know if it was better or worst knowing details before to see it. Articles ruined me the plot but maybe knowing already that the son was dead 8 years before the story takes place made watching the movie easier to me.

Philomena not only forgave the nuns (I wonder why), but also blamed herself for a lovely pleasant moment. And was understanding of his gay son. What a woman!


The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug 21/12/2013

Despite some weird elements I liked it more than the 1st.

Martin Freeman!! And Bard the Bowman!!!!! They’re super cool!! And I want a Smaug now!

No Cumby’s voice since The Hobbit was dubbed 😦 but the dragon is very cool, too. I know the book is another thing, but….
When Luke Evans/ Bard appeared in his first scene in TheHobbit: a dark shadow with light behind and bow+arrow in his hands, what a moment! He has almost a story per se, is interesting to imagine the troubles he had before he met the dwarves. A real hero/anti-hero. I love anti-heroes, who have everybody against them but proud to have their convinctions!

And am I allowed to say if an actor from a Fantasy movie could get a nomination, Martin Freeman would deserve Oscar for Bilbo?


6 Fast 6 Furious …/…/2013

Seeing this movie was worth it only because of Luke Evans, playing the baddie.


Upside Down  …/…/2013

Sweet love story, three lovely main actors Jim Sturgess, Timothy Spall and Kirsten Dunst, but it’ the plot which is not entirely convincig, I think we would need some explanations, pity since it could have been a much more interesting sci-fi. 😐


Django Unchained …/…/2013

Cloud Atlas …/01/2013

La Migliore Offerta / The Best Offer  …/01/2013



Argo …..

Prometheus …..

Frankenstein – National Theatre Live 11/09/2012

The Dark Knight Rises …/2012

Snow White and the Huntsman 21/08/2012

Rock of Ages 29/06/2012 – this movie didn’t take me at all: wrong cast and a soundtrack that brings together some actual hits of the ’80s, without anything original.

Il pescatore di sogni / Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – despite the good cast, I found it boring, it could have been so much better and the ending was predicted.


Attack The Block 31/05/2012 – it’s in my Favorite Movies list

In choosing a movie I take a look to the plot, then to the actors in the cast. I love Sci-Fi and British humor: reading articles and watching the trailer, I thought that Attack the Block got a lot of it. And it takes place in London, a city I love.

The director Joe Cornish is also the screenwriter, it’s interesting to learn ATB is based on a real event, he was mugged near his home in Stockwell some years earlier, but he tried to imagine those boys as the heroes of the story: what could happen if they had to defend themselves from aliens?

The film starts with the description of the robbery, a night when fireworks make noises all around: Cornish identifies himself in the young nurse Sam, harmless against this gang of hoodies.

The boys walk around the town when they see a strange creature falling from the sky, they kill it and hope they could make money from it, so they go to a friend’s house, Ron, to ask him to keep it for some days.

Here Cornish introduces his other alter-ego, Brewis. It’s a funny guy, he is waiting for the elevator in the same building where the gang walk into. Cornish said that Brewis is just like he was as a young man and deserves their disdain. But he will find out how to beat the aliens.

The aliens are realistic, they used a stuntman to make movements natural.

The attention to details and the social issue make Attack The Block different from many other films of same genre.

Joe Cornish directed his first film on big screen, but he got a good background: he worked in Spielberg’s “TinTin” and is a famous comedian in England. I’m waiting for his next work now.

The cast is phenomenal!

The members of the gang are at their first roles: John Boyega / Moses, a young actor who will certainly reach a successful career; Alex Esmail / Pest, Leeon Jones / Jerome, Franz Drameh / Dennis, Simon Howard / Biggz, all very good and spontaneous.

Nick Frost and Luke Treadaway, respectively Ron and Brewis, have experience already, they create funny moments and they are one of the reasons why it’s worth it seeing the film: they make the audience laughing as soon as they appear.
Jodie Whittaker plays a lovely, bold Sam.

The baddie Hi-Hatz is played by Jumayn Hunter.

Soundtrack mixes up Rap, Reggae and instrumental pieces, I don’t love Rap but it spot on here!


The Avengers 03/05/2012

Hugo Cabret 01/04/2012

The Raven 31/03/2012

Midnight in Paris 12/03/2012

The Artist 10/03/2012

Knockout – Resa dei conti aka Haywire 08/03/2012  I suppose actors like Gina Carano have to do movies like that for their career, while perhaps McGregor and Fassbender just wanna have fun (and money)! – USELESS 😦

War Horse …/02/2012

Faust 13/02/2012

La Talpa / Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  25/01/2012

La Kryptonite Nella Borsa 30/01/2012

J. Edgar  14/01/2012

Shame …/01/2012




Italy love it or leave it 24/11/2011

This Must Be The Place 21/10/2011

Cowboys and Aliens 14/10/2011

A Dangerous Method …

The Conspirator 22/09/2011

Carnage 21/09/2011

Il Discorso Del Re / The King’s Speech (2 times) 06/02/2011

Noi Credevamo …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 18/07/2011


X-Men: First Class 08/06/2011

I like a lot this new movie on X-Men, the storyline introduces us into the youth of the characters.
Have you noticed how many European actors are in the movies on X-Men? This is very good to me!
Back to home after having seen it, I confirm again: Magneto, the mutant with such a past, but so strong to survive for his revenge, is my favorite character, thanks also to the charming Michael Fassbender who is not afraid to show pain and tears, together with strenght!  Both Ian McKellen and Michael are brilliant as Magneto, even if so different in manners and physique!
James McAvoy is lovely, always so sweet in the roles he plays, but also so strong in his own particular way, from Shameless to X-Men I admire how he plays his characters, very smart man! You can’t do nothing but find him adorable.
I like the way the plot tells us how Charles and Erik meet, the scene in the water is amazing.
Rose Byrne is so sweet and it’s good to see her, (she was the best element in Troy to me)!
Kevin Bacon, well is Kevin Bacon, the man you love to hate, very good in his role!
Short role for Nicholas Hoult, but in line with other characters he played. I’ll keep an eye on him!
The ladies mutants are charming: January Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Zoë Kravitz.
A funny cameo (totally unexpected) and I’ve recognized some actors I’ve liked in other movies: for example, it’s good to see nice Jason Flemyng, unrecognizable here! And Olek Krupa plays the Soviet Captain.

Anyway, the movie has at least two weak points:
– it’s slow in some scene, or it’s better if I say some characters are too slow while there is danger around, maybe it’s fault of some special effects,
– the Italian dubbers are not too good in these last years, I started to watch movies in original languages, it’s hard not to listen the real, beautiful voices of the actors.


Il Cigno Nero / The Black Swan  23/02/2011

L’Esplosivo Piano di Bazil / Micmacs À Tire-Larigot 07/02/2011

Benvenuti Al Sud 24/01/2011

The Illusionist 23/01/2011




Robin Hood  26/05/2010

Crazy Heart 10/05/2010

Alice In Wonderland  25/04/2010

L’Uomo nell’Ombra / The Ghost Writer  19/04/2010

Colpo Di Fulmine – Il Mago della Truffa / I Love You Philliph Morris 08/04/2010

Gamer 04/04/2010  according to articles, the synopsys seemed interestig, but the movie was awful and vulgar – UNBEREABLE

Maga Martina e il libro magico del draghetto / Hexe Lilli – Der Drache und das magische Buch  21/03/2010

An Education 08/03/2010

Che fine hanno fatto i Morgan? / Did You Hear About the Morgans?  05/03/2010  too stupid to waste time describing it.

Avatar 2D 17/01/2010

A Single Man  16/01/2010

Il Mondo dei Replicanti/ Surrogates 01/01/2010  it could be better… 😐

Sherlock Holmes 04/01/2010  good elements, fascinating locations but not entirely convincing.  😐



Dorian Gray 08/12/2009

L’Uomo Che Fissa Le Capre / The Men Who Stare at Goats 11/11/2009

Inglorious Basterds  (Bastardi Senza Gloria) 07/10/2009

G.I. Joe – La nascita dei Cobra / G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra  16/09/2009

Harry Potter e il principe mezzosangue / Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 29/07/2009

I Love Radio Rock/ The Boat That Rocked 06/07/2009

State Of Play 02/05/2009

The Angelic Conversation (Jarman’s night) 30/04/2009

Watchmen 25/03/2009

Madagascar 2 15/03/2009 with my nephews

Bride Wars: La Mia Miglior Nemica 23/02/2009

Il mio ultimo giorno di guerra  17/02/2009

Operazione Valchiria / Valkyrie  05/02/2009

Milk 24/01/2009

Australia 21/01/2009

The Spirit 07/01/2009




High School Musical 3: Senior Year  15/11/2008

Pride And Glory 07/11/2008

Tropic Thunder  05/11/2008  very silly, just for having a laugh…

Mamma Mia!  09/10/2008

Sex List  04/09/2008

Il Cavaliere Oscuro / The Dark Knight  26/07/2008

Caravaggio by Derek Jarman + concerto Lachrimae Caravaggio at the Ravenna Festival 2008 11/07/2008

Wanted  10/07/2008

21   26/04/2008

Juno  17/04/2008  I don’t understand how this movie got so many nominations/awards… – SHALLOW  😦

Jumper  08/03/2008  despite this is a movie of fantasy, I found it amusig and it’s always nice to see Rome as location; who doesn’t want to jump here and there and around the world? – AMUSING 🙂

Non è un Paese per Vecchi / No Country for Old Men 29/02/2008  where’s the point? Total waste of good actors! – OVERRATED 😦

Sogni e Delitti / Cassandra’s Dream   02/02/2008





Leoni per agnelli / Lions for Lambs 22/12/2007

Across The Universe  01/12/2007

Elisabeth 07/11/2007

Ratatouille  21/10/2007

Hairspray  03/10/2007

Salvador – 26 anni contro / Salvador (Puig Antich)  26/07/2007

Harry Potter e l’Ordine della Fenice / Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  23/07/2007

Pirati dei Caraibi – Ai confini del mondo / Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end  13/06/2007

Manuale d’amore 2   03/02/2007   nothing to do with the first movie, waste of time and money! 😦



 Fascisti Su Marte 29/11/2006 Corrado Guzzanti and Marco Marzocca attended to the screening – very nice and brilliant! 🙂





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