Movies seen on DVD/bluray for the first time



Frank 01/01/2015

Frank is nice and totally crazy, no surprises Italian distributors didn’t buy it. Only crazy moviegoers like me could appreciate! I say that in a positive way! Again, this is not a blockbuster movie, it doesn’t need big effects, just an original idea and actors who can play it!

Cinema can be so imaginative! We follow the underrated keyboard player and composer Jon in his journey together with the band that have in Frank its leader: he wears a mask and never takes it off. His music is experimental and the members of the band make sound with every objects they can play. Thanks to Jon, the band got a huge number of followers on YouTube but they find out not all the glitter is gold.

I suspect Frank got a trauma at some point in this life. Michael Fassbender gave an amazing moving performance, got a voice I like much, it was brave to do an entire movie with a mask on!

And “this” Domhnall Gleeson got talent from dad, he’s very nice!


Lilting 01/01/2015

Finally saw on DVD this evening! It’s a lovely story I suggest to lovers of indipendent cinema and Wishawers! Good cast! Not for lovers of shooting and big noises!

I like this kind of cinema, no need of big budget, just a cue that makes a film. Young man dies but it’s like he’s still alive.

Looks like Ben Whishaw put lot of himself in it, his shyness, his silence, his tenderness. I like his friendship with Vann.

I love the efforts Richard does to get closer to Kai’s mother, the recipes he prepares (nice thing to me him being a good cook)

I liked the deleted scene in the extras. I can see why they didn’t insert it in the movie, but it’s nice! I suspect the mother knows more than she says, the actress is terrific!

bed scenes sweet of course, but I like when K mother notices that Richard uses chopsticks to cook, a scenes that explains a lot

is not just about a love story, but also about different cultures and how does it feel being a foreigner in another country

and about love&loss&tears, strong love between 2 men, between mother&son, between man&woman, friendship between young man&woman



Castles In The Sky 22/12/2014

I didn’t know much about history of Radar before to see this movie commissioned for BBC Two for September 2014.

Castles In The Sky” is a fascinating story on pre WWII, radar and the men who made it possibile. Even modern life wouldn’t be the same without it because their studies were used later in modern equipment!

The movie, based on actual events, tells of a bunch of researchers, led by a meteorologist who used his methods to find a way to detect the presence of enemy aircrafts to prevent destruction and to win the incoming war against Germany.

Today we take things for granted, but they had to face many difficulties, lack of funding and mistrust from those who didn’t believe in the project.

Robert Watson Watt said that if he was the father of radar, Arnold Wilkins was its mother! Bless them! Their relationship must have been very close, despite their age difference. Wilkins took much care of the project and gave his support to Watt, who wanted to give up at some point.

We don’t see trenches and battles during the movie, but we see what was going on behind the scenes and imagine that many more people would have died if radar wasn’t invented!

The detailed scenic design and the costumes bring us in the time the events took place.

The cast is terrific: as meteorologists Robert Watson Watt, as the passionate Arnold ‘Skip’ Wilkins, two collaborators as Edward ‘Taffy’ Bowen and as Higgy, Alex Jennings as Henry Tizard, Laura Fraser as Watt’s beloved wife Margaret Watson Watt, Julian Rhind Tutt as Albert Rowe, David Hayman as Frederick Lindemann, Tim McInnerny as Winston Churchill, just to mention the main roles!

A DVD highly recommended to all the lovers of good British movies!

A site on the real Robert Watson Watt, with refers to the TV movie: and Twitter account .



Ashes 08/12/2013

(don’t read if you haven’t seen it, yet: it contains spoilers)

The first time, you will watch it as a thriller.

You expect something terrible is coming their way. That was my impression when I read the synopsys and watched the trailer, so I decided to buy the DVD from UK, why it didn’t come to Italian cinemas despite the good cast. I guess I got the meaning!

The movie begins with Jamie, who’s trying to find his father. He looks for him at their empty house, but he finds out that his old dad, Frank, is in a residential home with Alzheimer’s. He takes him away from that place and to their way home with his car.

James looks after his dad with affection, while his father hardly recognises him. He’s sad, untidy and often becomes aggressive, but he has some flashback remembering the woman he loved. And yet Frank has to trust his son and follows him.

James looks worried during the journey: he receives phone calls from a mysterious man who also threatens his family by burning their car, looking for James who has to do an important job for him, or his life would be in danger.

You find out the key to the mystery along the story, but only at the end of the movie everything becomes clear. The epilogue is tragic for Frank and his son. But what an ending! It’s brilliant and moving!

It was a long time since I saw a movie with such well written characters and storyline, that has a clear explanation!

The second time, you will watch it as a love story between a son and a father (where the failure of their relationship is not entirely shown, you can imagine how it happened from some scenes and a  torn picture) and between a man and a woman – everything happens under the eyes of a reluctant witness.

For a movie like that, you need a cast of actors with convincing faces and the ability to play such hard characters.

So Ray Winstone, trembling and shouting and spitting and mistreating other people, gives a good performance which would have deserved more recognition!

Jim Sturgess proved in other occasions to be an actor who can suffer, but who always gets along brilliantly. He’s a fine actor.

The movie relies on them.

The other three main characters have few scenes, but they worth a mention.

Lesley Manville got a lovely voice and smile, she’s the key of the story and plays Cathy with tenderness.

Jodie Whittaker plays Jamie’s wife, she remains in the background but I always enjoy to see her.

Each time Luke Evans appears, he looks menacing, the scene which takes place between the discoteque and the underground parking is thrilling, maybe one of my favourites. But he moved me to tears in his last scene and made me wondering about his real intentions.

I also find interesting direction and photography: camera in constant motion, several close-ups, colours from hot to cold and desolate landscapes!



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