Christine Noonan

This is my personal tribute to the English actress Christine Noonan.

Unfortunately, this page is short since I found too few information and pictures o her.

So any contribution will be greatly appreciated!


It’s a pity we know very little about Christine. So my homage at the moment is shorter, compared to the other pages.

There was a beautiful homage to her in the site but last time I visited it, the site was gone.

So any contributions will be very appreciated! Fans can send to me their appreciations!


A new WordPress tribute will be online soon. Meanwhile, below you can find some information.


Biography, Career and Curiosity

Christine Noonan

born Christine Wright (1945-2003) was an English actress, best known for the role of The Girl in the movie “If…” by Lindsay Anderson, 1968.


A special thanks to David Wood (Johnny in “If…”), who was so nice to send to me this interesting memory about her:

Monday, 14th of December 2009

<<Dear Antonella,

Thank you for your message.  I agree that Richard and Christine should have sites dedicated to them.  As you know, both of them sadly died tragically young, and their careers were cut short. They were both delightful people.  [……………………]

For Christine, IF …. was only her second professional job.  The first had been playing the role of Gigi in a small provincial theatre.  But she was extremely assured, and very friendly.  I was particularly impressed by the way she had few if any inhibitions when playing the ‘tiger scene’ in the cafe.  To see her rolling on the floor with Malcolm in a real transport cafe at 7.00 in the morning was quite an experience!  Incidentally, the nudity was not in the script.  Lindsay had the idea on the day, partly thanks to a remark made by Malcolm after a rehearsal, when he said, ‘he’ll have us doing it naked soon!’.  This was meant to be a joke, but Lindsay took it seriously and, as a result, the somewhat controversial scene was filmed.  At first, Christine didn’t know whether she should agree to do it, and asked me for my advice.  I recommended her to ring her agent.  But she told me she didn’t have an agent!  She was married, but didn’t seem to think her husband would be too worried, so bravely decided to go ahead.

The last time I saw Christine was on a tube train in London.  I think she was teaching, theatre studies probably.  Her career did not take off as it should have done.

All good wishes.











(from with charming sweet memories about Christine)

 * 1960s

1969/11/24  at the Royal Court Theatre – “Insideout”, a play written from Frank Norman and directed by Ken Campbell

* 1970s

1972 by the Nuffiel Theatre Company at Lancaster University – “She Would if She Could”, a restoration comedy tour by George Etheredge



Regarding the use of photos: no copyright infringement is intended, I’ve posted the images only for acquaintance for other fans. Write to me if you have concerns about the use of some photos.


Sources and Thanks    many thanks for being so kind!    many thanks for being so kind!





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