2013-08-12 The Pride, London

The Pride ticket12Aug13

Trafalgar Studios



Hayley Atwell as Sylvia
Harry Hadden-Paton as Philip
Al Weaver as Oliver
Mathew Horne as The Man/Peter/The Doctor


Directed by Jamie Lloyd
Design by Soutra Gilmour
Written by Alexi Kaye Campbell in 2008


A report of what I saw

10 Aug 2013: I heard about “The Pride” while I was in London for a holiday, so I took the occasion to see it. I went to the box office to buy a ticket for Monday 12/8 night, my last in the city. It was the last seat, then the play was sold out for that night! I feared it could be worst, but no, it was a good point of view to see the play!

The story bravely tells about 50 years in some people’s life: from when a married man and another young man meet one day and fall in love in 1958, to how their existence is in 2008.

Was hard being gay in the ’50s, gay men have to hide their real nature behind marriages and often the women who married them were trapped in frustrating domestic life and unrequited love. Scenes came and went from 1958 to 2008 as if we were on a time machine.

There were funny moments, grief, loneliness and tears. Homosexuality was still illegal in the ’50s and the characters had to face the situation. High tension in the air. The sex scene when Philip raped Oliver was very strong and totally unespected.

Hayley Atwell was very good playing the sweet and fragile Sylvia! Fearless Al Weaver/Oliver and Harry Hadden-Paton/Philip played the two lovers. Mathew Horne was the funny character who came from time to time, even if was a bit creepy when he came out for the first time dressed as a Nazy soldier, reminding of time were gay people died in concentration camps.

I bought the programme and the script: I didn’t know Ben Whishaw did it, too, in another production.

I find interesting the acknowledgements, where the author Alexi Kaye Campbell thanks people, a “Ben Daniels” included. And, last but not least, there’s a bit of Italy in the script!

At the end, the actors showed signs with “To Russia With Love” in support of Russian gay people, against anti-gay mood before the Olympics in Russia. Was fair to mention it!

I was lucky enough to meet Hayley Atwell and Mathew Horne at the stage door after the show, they were very kind to me and both signed my programme.



I think this pictures entered Theatre history



The Pride” Official Site www.thepridewestend.com

The Pride at the Royal Court: royalcourttheatre.com

The Pride – Red Stitch Actors Theatre on vimeo

“Curtain call to arms: Hayley Atwell and Pride cast stage gay rights protest” Published: 14 August 2013 by Louise Jury standard.co.uk

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The Pride 2010 production at the New York Theatre: official site mcctheater.org the cast was, again, fantastic, I wish I saw it, as well!

“New York theatre: The Pride” 27/02/2010 by Revstan revstansfilmblog.typepad.com



The flyer – The programme with autographs


Hayley Atwell

MADE IN LONDON Interview about “The Pride” and other projects, TimeOut London, August, 6-12 2013 N. 2239


ABOUT THE PRIDE: Metro 60 seconds: interview to Mathew Horne

Horne1 Horne2



Two clips of “The Pride” with Ben Whishaw and Hugh Dancy



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