2014-02-06 Mojo, London

Mojo ticket

Harold Pinter Theatre


Gallery: covers of the programme and the script, two different flyers

I was lucky with this play: it was sold out already, when the production decided to add some more dates due to the big success it was getting. So I immediately booked for one of the last days and organized a holiday in London with one of my best friends.


I saw the movie before, so I couldn’t miss Ben Whishaw playing my favorite character, Baby. The play also got an impressive cast of good actors that I had the occasion to see on screen.

They didn’t disappoint me. The play was great.

At the end, before to go out of the theatre, I took 2 sequins from the stage for my collection.


Official website of The Harold Pinter Theatre atgtickets.com

Sonia Friedman Productions Official site: page about Mojo soniafriedman.com

Jez Butterworth: ‘who knows where plays come from?’ nickhernbooksblog.com

First thoughts review: Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan and Rupert Grint in Mojo theatre.revstan.com

Second thoughts review: Ben Whishaw, Coling morgan and Rupert Grint in Mojo theatre.revstan.com
Ben Whishaw is getting his Mojo on and why this is more exciting than Peter and Alice theatre.revstan.com

Adventuresofananglophile blog adventuresofananglophile.com



 MOJO at Harold Pinter Theatre. Exclusive Production Photos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkXsM4XDAXw

2014  Rupert Grint accepts the WhatsOnStage Award for Best London Newcomer for “Mojo”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkO8qee8w14&list=PLJ9obkcRkOb_sZ87TB7dU5vBdfebzBA-1

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