2015-09-17 War Horse, London

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War Horse ticket

I had a second opportunity to see this wonderful play live, courtesy of “War Horse On Stage”, as goodie for writing my report on an interview with Michael Morpurgo.

It was a bit disappointing to read it’s going to end in March 2016 right on that same day, but I can see their reasons.

(a second report is coming soon)

Meanwhile, here the cast& crew list with Twitter accounts:


James Backway plays Albert Narracott

Philip Bertioli plays Joey / Topthorn (Heart)

Ken Bradshaw plays Gefreiter Karl @kenbrad66

Alasdair Craig plays Friedrich Muller

Adrian Christopher plays Topthorn (Head)

Matthew Churcher plays Joey/Topthorn (hind) @M_Churcher

Clare Louise Connolly plays Emilie/Baby Joey

Drew Dillon plays Goose/Klebb/Song Captain

James Duncan plays Joey / Topthorn (Head)

Nick Figgis plays Dr Schweyk/Veterinary Officer Martin

Patrick Fleming plays Rudi/Heine

Keiran Flynn plays Sgt Fine/Col Strauss

Alan Francis plays Sgt Thunder

Colm Gormley plays Ted Narracott

Dominic Hodson plays Captain Nicholls/Coco @DomHodson

Adam Henderson Scott plays Geordie/John Greig @Henda178

Ian Houghton plays Sgt Allan/Soldat Manfred @IanHoughton51

Mark Jackson plays Captain Stewart

Simon Jenkins plays Billy Narracott/Coco

Nyron Levy plays Topthorn (Heart)

Shaun McCourt plays Joey (hind) @shaunmc1986

Tony McGeever plays David Taylor @TonyMcGeever

Jayne McKenna plays Rose Narracott

Kate Marlais plays Nurse Annie Gilbert @katemarlais

Chris Milford plays Joey (heart) @Chrismilf

Gary Mitchinson plays Joey/Topthorn (hind)

Thomas Mittelheuser plays Ensemble

Harry De Moraville plays Thomas Bone

Jamie Lee-Morgan plays Joey (head) @JamieLeeMorgan1

Ben Murray plays Songman

Markus Schabbing plays Joey / Topthorn (Head) @MarkusSchabbing

Alisdair Simpson plays Chapman Carter / Soldat Schmidt @alisdairsimpson

James Alexander-Taylor plays Joey / Topthorn (Heart)

Emma Thornett plays Baby Joey/Paulette @EmmaThornett

Lowri Walton plays Ensemble

Scarlet Wilderink plays Baby Joey @ScarletWild

Sam Wilmott plays Topthorn (Hind)

Simon Wolfe plays Arthur Narracott




Michael Morpurgo – Author

Nick Stafford – Playwright

Marianne Elliott – Director

Tom Morris – Director

Rae Smith – Designer/Drawings

Basil Jones & Adrian Kohler – Puppet Fabrication & Direction

Paule Constable – Lighting Designer

Toby Sedgwick – Director of Movement & Horse Choreography

Leo Warner – Video Design

Mark Grimmer – Video Design

Adrian Sutton – Music @adriansutton

John Tams – Songmaker

Christopher Shutt – Sound Designer

Jill Green – Casting