2016-09-07 King Lear, Stratford

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2016/09/07 night – The RSC’s King Lear, Royal Shakespeare Theatre





Some notes about the set design and costumes.


Some photos I took myself:

Now, if you want to read further….


Cast and Creatives and their Twitter accounts:

Romayne Andrews (Servant / Messanger)
Antony Byrne (Earl of Kent)
Eke Chukwu (Lear’s Gentleman)
James Clyde (Duke of Cornwall)
James Cooney (Servant)
Bethan Cullinane (Messanger)
Marième Diouf (Messanger)
Paapa Essiedu (Edmund)
Kevin N Golding (Curan / Doctor)
Marcus Griffiths (King of France / Captain)
Nia Gwynne (Goneril)
Oliver Johnstone (Edgar)
Byron Mondahl (Oswald)
Theo Ogundipe (Duke of Burgundy / Herald)
Antony Sher (King Lear)
Natalie Simpson (Cordelia)
Clarence Smith (Duke of Albany)
David Troughton (Earl of Gloucester)
Graham Turner (Fool)
Ewart James Walters (Old Man)
Kelly Williams (Regan)

Jenny Fennessy (Servant/Messanger)

Other parts played by members of the Company

Lear’s Knights are local extras: local-extras-appear-on-stage-in-king-lear


Director: Gregory Doran
Designer: Niki Turner
Lighting Designer: Tim Mitchell
Composer: Ilona Sekacz
Sound Designer: Jonathan Rudick
Movement Director: Michael Ashcroft
Fight Director: Bret Yount

The Royal Shakespeare Company



RSC Official Site rsc.org.uk/king-lear/

Barbican Official Site barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=19608

 Cast list from the programme.