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Not all the plays arrived on Italian screens, but at least I was able to watch:

2016 April 19 – Hamlet Barbican, Cinedream, Faenza RA

2015 May 05 The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, Cinema Astoria in Forlì/Italy, for NTLive broadcast, version recorded at the Cottesloe Theatre, London, 2012

2014 June 24 – King Lear with Simon Russel Bale.

2014 April 08 – Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss.

2014 March 11 – Othello with Adrian Lester.

2013 December 10 (or previous, must find the ticket) – Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature and Jonny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein.

2013 November 19 – Macbeth with Kenneth Branagh.

2013 October 29 – The Audience with Helen Mirren.


Unfortunately, I missed Hamlet with Rory Kinnear and War Horse. I guess they come again.

Reviews will follow.

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