Online since 15.10.2012 –  ©MovieTheatreGoer Web Site. All rights on the texts reserved.

This is a site I run just for my passion for Performing Arts, I’m not  personally related to these people I’m talking about.


I’ve posted the information on actors and filmmakers I like only for acquaintance for other fans. I apologize if there are wrong or disrespectful information, that’s not my intention, I’ll delete anything may be regarded as inappropriate.


Regarding the use of photos and clips: no copyright infringement is intended, the images are for reference only, email me if you have concerns about the use of them.

I name the source when I use a photo of another website. Most of the screenshots are made by other fans or myself.


Programs I’m using:

 – WordPress

– Gimp2 and Paint for the pictures

– WinSCP as FTP program

– Mozilla Firefox as browser




If you have anything related to these actors and movies or suggestions for the improvement of the site that you’d like to share with me, please contact me: E-mail Every contribution is appreciated and will be credited.


Things that I’m always looking for:

– Scans from magazines

– Captures from movies, series, TV shows, interviews, premieres, special features

– Articles, interviews and reviews

– Latest news

– Your reviews, if you like

Thank you very much!



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