Who I am


Hello! I’m Antonella, Italian, lover of Performing Arts,

especially Cinema and Theatre. I love to write about them!

The Italian magazine Ciak called me “The Indiana Jones of Movie Magazine

because I like to search and take things I find interesting out of the sea of paper.

Painter/Decorator in Italia. I dream of working in Art Department of movies, series or theatres!


My name is Antonella

IPerformingArts, so I see shows in Italy and London and tweet about it.

I keep an eye on young actors on Twitter.

I’m the administrator of the sites &

I even got an IMDb page: nm5336270!!!


I’m Italian, impatient, passionate, lover of the 7 Arts, but especially of Performing Arts.

I love animals, travels, languages and particularly English and German culture…and Italian of course!


In my opinion, actresses and actors are the best artists in the world.

I like to think about young people who dream of becoming actors,

as well as of older actors who still have passion for their work.

That’s why I like to follow actors of different ages on Twitter.


This site is dedicated to people who are interested, like me, in:

Movies, Actors & Directors.


TV Series, the British in particular.

The ’60-70s decades.


LGBT culture.


Works on European History…well, History in general.

Works on World War I-II and others (despite I hate War in real life)

The Inglorious Basterds cast & crew and their projects.

IF….  cast & crew.

Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit cast & crew and their careers.

Movies taken from Comics.

Sci-fi movies.

Japan Anime.



To cut the long story short: everything about Acting!!!


My favorite quote on Cinema is:

To make a film is to create a world” by Lindsay Anderson.
It’s true: I’m intrigued by the world of Cinema, it makes my own world better!

I love to dedicate this site to some I particularly admire. Their world is magic to me.


Ten things about me


#10thingsaboutme game? OK, let’s getting started: 1) since I was a child, in reading books,  I love to imagine actors playing the characters of a story


#10thingsaboutme 2) when I was at the junior school, I used to “play” some shakespearian roles, reading books together with my future sister-in-law, we loved that game!


#10thingsaboutme 3) I buy the movie magazine Ciak since I was  15 – from August 1989 – during a travel on train with friends –  later I found older numbers and sometimes I buy other magazines on Cinema (like the subscription to Empire UK)


#10thingsaboutme 4) I always had a weakness for villains in fiction: I noticed usually some of my favorite villains-actors play also some of my favorite heroes elsewhere


#10thingsaboutme 5) music is as important as acting to me: I like to listen to soundtracks, pity I haven’t any talent in both Music and Acting! 😛


#10thingsaboutme 6) I couldn’t write a script, I’m never satisfied so I would change details each time. The perfect script  to me would be a mix of my favorite stories. Worst way to write one!


#10thingsaboutme 7) I love to go to the theatre and see plays live, but I go crazy when to buy tickets becomes  a big waste of time, due to box office disorganization


#10thingsaboutme 8) I use to prefer a certain kind of actors, not blockbuster actors, often underrated actors which have peculiar qualities to me


#10thingsaboutme 9) I felt nothing for some famous movies for kids people seem to like much, like E.T., Never Ending Story and so on…


#10thingsaboutme 10) I can’t stand when actors say they would have preferred to do simple works instead of their current job: LIARS!

If I’d born again, I’d like to be a stage actress/actor who tries to become professional.


I’m a Gemini born in June, go to a very silly page 😉

To be Italian: 50 good reasons you should live in Italy – a half-serious list.



2 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Hello

    Hope you’re well.

    I was delighted to hear on Twitter that you enjoyed Private Lives at the cinema, so I thought you’d like to know about our watchalong to celebrate Merrily We Roll Along transferring to Digital Theatre.

    What better way to enjoy the digital release of Merrily than Tweeting along with fans from all over the world and other cast members while polishing off some festive lunch leftovers?

    The watchalong will be kicking off on Sunday 22 December at 5pm, and we are encouraging everyone watching to Tweet along with the action by following @digitaltheatre and using the hashtag #MerrilyOnScreen.

    If you’d like to join in do let me know and I will ensure that the production is in your account on the day.

    Very best wishes,


    • Hi Joanna! I’m so sorry for responding only now, but lot of spam arrived in comments and I see your only now. But I confirm I liked Private Lives and can’t wait to see it through Digital Theatre!


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