To Be Italian

Reading “50 Reasons You Should Live In Dublin” today 19Jan2015, I thought to do one list myself about Italy. So thank you to the author for the idea.



Dedicated to those who inspired it sending suggestions:   “Italiani onorari” (the last one actually is)

_pallino verde

1) There’s something artistic/historical every meter, we are surrounded by such stuff, you risk to tread on something on every step or while digging to built an underground garage (it actually happened in Ravenna).


2) We got several magnificent cities, towns, villages, blocks, single houses hidden here and there! Italians are such peacocks and always want to show the world their skills!


3) We got (almost) every kind of architecture from ancient to modern styles.


4) We got the sea (almost) all around, comfortable beaches, some wonderful lakes, the Appennini and the Alpi mountains, including the amazing Dolomites, for every kind of tourists.


5) We have beautiful landscapes over hills and over mountains that make you hold your breath, but don’t go nearby a port or a farm…


6) You can easily tour our country and tourists are welcome.


7) We got Rome, one of the most ancient cities in the world and I would appreciate if we still get it for the centuries to come, thank you administrators!


8) We got the extraordinary Pompei, I wonder why they go along adding an “I” abroad, unless somebody tread on their feet while they pronounce it. I wish the British Museum would buy it, the city would be safer!


9) We got the most ancient University in the world in Bologna, the most underrated beauty of our country. Bologna got gorgeous streets and the famous “portici”, but never go there if you’re on diet: it’s a very dangerous place! Tortellini will take you!


10) We have some amusing places like Rimini and Venice, with one of the most ancient bridges, ancient tourists (thank you Mr Rayner) and lot of things to do, if you love noisy crowds.


11) We have beautiful islands for the romantic people, like Sardinia, Sicily, Elba, the Eolie with Stromboli, etc. The fastest way to reach them is swimming.


12) We got “torri pendenti” (leaning towers) in cities like Pisa, Bologna, Ravenna, so very Italian in every sense!


13) We have wonderful sunsets and it’s magic to see the dawn on the beach from the Adriatic Sea or the opposite on the other side of Italy. So don’t wait for the event if you’re on the wrong side!


14) We have good food (thanks James, Ingrid, Gillian) and every village pretends to have the best one! Take 10 families from just one street and you find 10 different ways of cooking spaghetti, that drives Jamie Oliver crazy.


15) We took some ingredients from other continents, but we made them great! Forget popcorn, have you ever tried polenta?


16) We got the most delicious tomatoes (you’re right, thank you Mr Rayner) grown under the sun and if you come to my house I will offer you only recipes with tomato, you’re not allergic, are you? And we make pizza with tomato, mozzarella and every kind of ingredients. But don’t ask to drink wine with it here! No way! Pizza has to be eaten together with Coke or beer only!! Ok?


17) We have good sauces for pasta made with vegetables and sometimes meat, and please stop to give names to “ragù”, the “Bolognese sauce” is a legend, only abroad you call it like that!


18) We make fantastic chocolate and that’s no good, no good I’ve said!


19) We have the most delicious and healthy sweets and cakes, my liver dies every time I try a pastry abroad.


20) We got gelato (thank you Ingrid), with lot of flavors, no need to explain that.


21) We still have botteghe, little shops, where we care about customers and goods are put together in a lovely way, not the kind Royston Vasey offers.


22) Unless we become fish like during last year, or dry like in 2003, we have a lovely weather, there’s always the sun and summers are warm and you can take baths and get a lovely tan, so I hope you got a lovely weather when you came here, dear James! Sometimes it snows in Winter…


23) Entertainment! We always need to make a party, a fair, a walk out, we never rest. We have a fair along the streets every week-end from Carnival to Easter and then from Easter to Carnival. We like being entertained so you would never get annoyed.


24) If you’re hungry at night, you can find a gelateria or a pizzeria open at 2 am. We never go to bed when we’re having fun, who goes to bed before Midnight is a loser here.


25) That’s the reason why we have disco bars if you like to dance. Don’t go there before Midnight (see above).


26) Somebody suggest me cocktails (thank you Ingrid, again) and wine (thank you GG guillougc): ah yes, Italian wines and liquors are very good, also with fruit, we have good bars and if you’re a coffee addict like me you will find espresso and cappuccino with the most delicious pastries, too! The barista will treat you well, but choose the Italian one, imitations are not good. We rule the world of coffee.


27) We like fashion and we got good tastes for clothes and shoes, so don’t put that purple trousers on together with that green jacket, if you please!


28) We got good fashion designers who are our national treasure, the world envy us for that, so please pay your taxes here, thank you!


29) You can buy a Ferrari, can you? Or visit its museum in Maranello in the province of Modena, that’s would be wiser for your health and for your wallet.


30) We got many “belle arti” (fine arts) shops so even artists will be satisfied but not your wallet, again…mine cries every time I enter into one.


31) And we got excellent artisans who make instruments, we really love music.


32) We got excellent Classic music composers, directors and performers.


33) We got some good Pop bands and singers. Did you say: who?


34) We got Art schools for every kind of Arts. It’s said skills of Italian artists are welcome abroad…I wonder if it’s true….


35) We got masterpieces and inventions made by such artists like Leonardo Da Vinci – scientists like Galileo Galilei, Gugliemo Marconi, Alessandro Volta and Antonio Meucci – explorers like Marco Polo and Cristoforo Colombo, often with the help of great historical characters like Lorenzo il Magnifico, the Medici or the Borgias, just to name some. You will notice that British/US actors like a lot to play one, adding sci-fi and fake events here and there…


36) We got good museums of several kinds, carpe diem until you find them open!


37) We made great things with theatre, like when we invented the Commedia dell’Arte: those masks seem to me good portraits of how we Italians really are in the eyes of foreigners.


38) We got good performers, we all born actors. And Cinecittà. But please send away our screenwriters! I can’t handle a new season of “Un Medico In Famiglia”!


39) We have gorgeous theatres, ancient and new. The audience is often ancient and seldom new…(see above)


40) We can make good Cinema if you love comedy and intimate movies.


41) We got good writers in our past, if you can read Italian.


42) Our culture is rich in dialects. It’s a mistery how they understand “Montalbano” in the UK.


43) Italians are usually nice people who like to make you at ease and who fancy good-looking foreigners. Do you remember Casanova and Don Giovanni?


44) We love family. Even too much.


45) People are free to say what they think, we got freedom. Even too much. Women are free to give a good kick in the ass of trolls.


46) We in general accept gay people, only our politicians and clergy don’t seem to be aware of this. “Ah… but.. with ‘gay’ don’t you mean joyful people?”.


47) We have the Pride in Rome, we need a Pride in every city actually…


48) We love animals, they’re part of our family.


49) We like sports, there are football fields in every corners and we love bicycles and motorcycles, so sportsmen are welcome here …but not while I’m driving my car it you don’t follow the rules, damn!


50) We like to join Twitter and we tweet a lot, like birds, remember this before to start to follow us!


You’re invited!

_pallino verde

It’s incredible I found 50 for real! So why do I always want to leave for London, I wonder?!

God I love you, Italy!



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