Support the Redgrave Theatre in Farnham

Since the public disgrace of the closure of the Redgrave in 1998, the long campaign to have theatre restored in Farnham is winning through.
The Farnham Theatre Association is an organisation which is fighting to save The Redgrave Theatre (1974-1998) from demolition. They’re working for a community theatre.

To support the Association, you can get a FTA MEMBERSHIP which will enable you to read their newsletters! New year begins March.
Membership charges are:
– Single person £10
– Family £20
– Group £20
Please send cheques to: The Treasurer, c/o 4 Nutshell Lane, Upper Hale, Farnham GU9 0HG.

Contact them for any further questions: Redgrave Theatre official site – Facebook page Farnham Theatre Association and Twitter account @farnhamtheatre

I hope they succeed! Please give your contribution.

Redgrave Theatre

(drawing done by actor Dennis Chinnery, source)