Oh, damn you, London theatre!

It’s all member of the cast’ fault if I noticed almost last minute the musical The White Feather and, reading the synopsys, I had to book immediately!

The White Feather tweet

I’ve booked for this musical on Friday 16 October night, on their second last day of performances.

The White Feather 16 ott

So now my list of plays to see in London is: Teddy Ferrara (at least twice), The White Feather, The Bright And Bold Design plus one or two I will choose from the NTArchive.

I greatly appreciate the Union Theatre releases E-tickets, so I got it already! More theatres should do that!

The White Feather is a musical on the Great War, gender inequality and refers to homosexuality (that it seems was not unusual between WWI soldiers) – official site

The White Feather poster

<<This September, Arion Productions presents the world premiere of new British musical The White Feather at the Union Theatre.  It tells the story of Georgina Briggs whose brother was one of over 300 allied soldiers executed for cowardice during the First World War.  She won’t accept the shame and she won’t let it lie.  But as she fights for justice a shocking discovery awaits her.  

Memorials to the soldiers who fought and died in the Great War grace almost every town and village but 306 names are conspicuous by their absence – the men who were executed by their own side. Some were deserters and others were condemned for putting down their weapons in the course of battle but many were suffering from what we know now as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The White Feather tells the story of one soldier and his sister’s lifelong fight for a posthumous pardon. It also encounters the issues of homosexuality and gender inequality at the turn of the century. With powerful songs and a storyline with a twist, this production has a sharp emotional intensity generated by words and music.>>


I’m searching the Twitter accounts of cast&creatives:


Willows: Christopher Blades

Edith: Katie Brennan

Adam Davey: David Flynn

Brown/Edward: Zac Hamilton

Emma Cardinall: Cameron Leigh

Georgina Briggs: Abigail Matthews

Harry Briggs: Adam Pettigrew

Hannah Fisher: Kathryn Rutherford

Peter Arthurs: Lee Dillon Stuart



Directed & Developed: Andrew Keates

Book: Ross Clark and Andrew Keates

Music & Lyrics: Ross Clark

Additional Songs: Matthew Strachan

Arrangements: Dustin Conrad & Martin Coslett

Costume Designer: Natasha Prynne

Designer: Tim McQuillen-Wright

Lighting Designer: Neill Brinkworth

Musical Director: Dustin Conrad

Producer: Arion Productions Ltd

Sound Designer: James Nicholson

Stage Manager: Chuck Deer

Voice Coach: Sarah Stephenson


The Union Theatre

The White Feather


Bright and bold women

Today I booked for a RADA London play on 20 October night, it’s called “The Bright and Bold Design“, here the synopsys:

The Bright And Bold Design

Written by Peter WhelanDirected by Robert HastieDesigned by Janet Bird

GBS Theatre, RADA Malet Street –Wed 14 Oct – Sat 24 Oct, 7:15pm | Matinee Sat 17 Oct, 2:15pm
On RADA’s site you can buy the tickets: https://www.rada.ac.uk/whats-on/rada-productions/1664 – RADA London Twitter account 
I’m a pottery painter, too, so I’m intrigued by this story I never heard of so far. I think it’s the first time ever I heard about a play on a pottery painter!
I’m too curious to miss it. Now I’m waiting for the cast list and something more on the kind of performance.
I searched some information about Clarice Cliff and Peter Whelan, so below there are some interesting links on them:
  • The Original Clarice Cliff Website claricecliff.com,
  •  The Clarice Cliff Website claricecliff.co.uk both sites with amazing galleries of her works,
  • Clarice Cliff style designs By Chris Rogers rogerschris51.wordpress.com his friend met her in 1961 all his beautiful work is inspired by Clarice Cliff,
  • Peter Whelan obituary theguardian.com, unfortunately the playwright died last year aged 82
 So, once more, Theatre, TV Series and Cinema make me find out always new, fascinating people who lived and died and in the between created wonderful Art.
Other incoming works like this, dedicated to bright and bold women, are coming.
I Loved Lucy
A play called I Loved Lucy <<The hit #play about the last decade of the life of comic legend Lucille Ball comes to London in 2016 with a one-day-only presentation on 20/10.>>Twitter account and source for the image ILovedLucyUK
I will attend to the special presentation on the 20 October afternoon. So that will be a very charming day in the company of two wonderful ladies!
Book The Naked Truth

And a book on the Edith Head, the marvellous fashion designer who dressed such people as Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich, is already available: <<THE NAKED TRUTH. A love letter to the talents of unique designer EDITH HEAD.>> by U.S. Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorléac!

Twitter account @spclsmthin – Official Website and source for the cover jean-pierredorleac.com
I remember seeing a long article with pictures about her collaboration with the other great stylist Adrian on the Italian magazine Ciak in the ’90s. My interest on them began then.
All great women but, first af all, artists in a men’s world!