2014-12-07 Moët BIFA 2014

2014-12-07 tweeting about The Moët British Independent Film Awards 2014


– ME 3 nov So glad for #SallyHawkins, #TimothySpall and #RafeSpall, @MrTurnerFilm, @ImitationGameUK and @PrideMovie nominations at the @BIFA_film!!

– ME 3 nov Glad also for #MichaelFassbender nomination for @FrankTheFilm, a movie I can’t wait 2see, and nomination for ’71 at the @BIFA_film

– Moët BIFA 7 dic Don’t forget to make yourself heard on Twitter / Facebook if you want a chance of winning some #MBIFA goodies!!
– ME 7 dic one of the actors included? Mwaahaa! 😉 #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic Never seen #InBetweeners but heard the guy is famous in UK… #MBIFA
– ME as BenDanielsOnline  7 dic @BIFA_film congratulations @LunatheMovie @DaveMcKean winninf @RAINDANCE AWARD!!! #MBIFA (Ben Daniels is in the cast)
– ME 7 dic Congratulations Benedict Cumberbatch! #MBIFA You seem a nice lad, too!
– ME 7 dic Congratulations Benedict! #MBIFA Waiting to see you in Hamlet Barbican next year! And Merry Christmas to you, too!
– ME 7 dic Aww #BenWishaw #Lilting! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic Congrats Gugu Mbatha-Raw! And nice trio! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic Support Italian theatres which show @MrTurnerFilm, too! #MBIFA Isn’t arrived, yet 😦
– ME 7 dic Aww @ChrissyBotto and Maxine Peake at @BIFA_film =D
– Moët BIFA 7 dic Next Goal Wins backstage. @NGW_Movie! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film @NGW_Movie fabulous @ChrissyBotto and Maxine Peake! thanks for this picture! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film I’m glad they present the Supporting Actor award!
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film @1NTERMISSION and congratulations for the broadcast! it’s great to watch #MBIFA from Italy!!!
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film and @MyannaBuring – you love me tonight #MBIFA, isn’t it?
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film wanna see all the film nominated!!!! #MBIFA You chose great actors to introduce the awards! *___*
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film @Movado @calvary sorry for the others, but congrats Mr Gleeson! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film Ireland got such talents!!! #MBIFA #BIFAS #Bifa2014 Grazie mille!
– ME 7 dic just subscribed to gettyImages channel for: Moët British Independent Film Awards: via @YouTube #BIFAs #Bifas14
– ME 7 dic Wonderful #EmmaThompson! #MBIFA #BIFAS
– ME 7 dic Wonderful @oldbillingsgate Market! #LocationLocationLocation for #MBIFA #BIFAS #bifa2014
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film oh yes, where is it? Looks beautiful! #MBIFALocation
– Moët BIFA 7 dic @MovieTheatrGoer It is beautiful! The @oldbillingsgate Market (converted fish market!) #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film @oldbillingsgate wow thanks for sharing the information! I’d like to visit it in my next London holiday! =D
– ME 7 dic Congratulations @PrideMovieUK #AndrewScott and lovely #JessicaGunning for your @BIFA_film BESTMOVIE!
– ME 7 dic @BIFA_film @TheGreatVon enjoy the party, thank you and goodnight! #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic They go to the After #MBIFA Party and maybe I go to bed! has been great!
– ME 7 dic I feel sorry for Mr Spall and Lilting lack of awards, btw… #MBIFA
– ME 7 dic A bit of Daniel Bruhl, too, at the #MBIFA…
– ME 7 dic Wow tweeps, I know not all of you will read this, but thanks you all for the appreciation of my #Bifas #MBIFA tonight!
– ME 15 dic @BIFA_film hello! It’s a great pleasure being followed by you!
– Moët BIFA  15 dic @MovieTheatrGoer We aim to please!
At the end, I was so happy I won their goodies they sent to me for Christmas,
it arrived the last day of 2014!! 🙂
 BIFA goodies

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