2015-01-14 Kingsman Live

Kingsman: The Secret Service Live – Wednesday 14 January 2015
Screencaps from #KingsmanLive (sources: streaming, trailer, Twitter and Instagram
I had fun taking screencaps during the live event)

Kingsman The Secret Service official website: kingsmanmovie.com
This action movie is on my “Movies I have to see” list!

_pallino verde

In the last 3 pics there’s a young actor I’m keeping an eye on, @TomPriorActor, who plays Hugo in the movie tomcprior.com

Five days after, on Monday 19 January, I was taking a look to Kingsman Premiere gallery on Getty Images’ site, when I found by chance a picture of Tom Prior together with his Tory Boyz colleague Simon Lennon attending another premiere, “Mortdecai” the movie with Johnny Depp. I couldn’t help sharing their picture on Twitter!

19-01-2015 << – UK Premiere – Inside Arrivals January 19, 2015 Spotted! gettyimages.it/detail/fotogra e >>

NationalYouthTheatre ‏@NYTofGB RTed me: <<@MovieTheatrGoer: #Mortdecai – UK Premiere – Inside Arrivals January 19, 2015 gettyimages.it >>
Z Mortdecai
I find funny the responses to NYTofGB tweet. And Tom tweeted me:
19-01-2015 <<So good to relive those moments. Back in the days with >>
and then tweeted again: 19-01-2015 <<Can’t go anywhere without being spotted – with thanks to Getty Images (etc.)>>
and here Simon Lennon: 20-01-2015 <<Tom Prior and I, at the Leicester Square premiere of Mortdecai, last night. (+pic)>>
I asked them if they met Johnny Depp, but they didn’t respond, yet! 😉

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