2015-10-30 In The Flesh in Ravenna

In The Flesh TV series special guest at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival 2015 – XIII edition!!


In The Flesh Nightmare Series

(source: ravennanightmare.it)



I was in London to see Luke Newberry (part of a wonderful cast) on stage in Teddy Ferrara at the Donmar Warehouse, when one evening Dominic Mitchell, the creator and writer of of BAFTA winning BBC drama In The Flesh, where Luke played the protagonist Kieren Walker, tweeted he was invited to the event ravennanightmare.it for the Italian premiere of In The Flesh!!


Dom Mitchell tweet1  Dom Mitchell tweet2

Then, also the actor Kevin Sutton, who played Gary Kendal, one member of the HVF (Human Volunteer Force), tweeted he was going to attend to the Festival in Ravenna.


Kevin Sutton tweet

He played such a great baddie in the series! I like baddies in fiction!

Fortunately I was back to Italy in time for it. I immediately got in touch with the staff of the Festival to ask more information, because Ravenna is my city and I couldn’t miss the event.

The series hasn’t arrived in Italy, yet, despite it has several fans in our country (great British series don’t arrive or come on big late on Italian TV). I have to admit that, like many of us, I had to watch it on YouTube first, because people were talking about it on Twitter and the storyline sounded great and I couldn’t resist anymore, but when I saw how beautiful the story was from the first episodes, I had to buy the original DVD box with the two seasons together and watched it again and again! Of course, another good reason is that the quality of the original DVD can’t be replaced with low quality copies.

I had my DVD with me in London, so I’m happy Luke Newberry said “Hello” outside the Donmar Warehouse and signed both my programme of the play and the DVD’s cover! He even said “Thank you for buying this“ and praised the series! I asked him if he was coming to the Nightmare Festival, too, but he told he couldn’t make Ravenna because he’s doing the play in London. Well, it’s a very good reason, Teddy Ferrara is such a beautiful play!! But I will talk about it on another page…

The screening of the full series was under the title Nightmare Series.

In homage to Halloween, the Festival organized the #‎NightmareZombie on Sunday 25 October, where people could go dressed as zombies, you can see the video there: facebook.com – I didn’t take part to it, but looks like many people joined the event and had fun.


Episodes 1, 2, 3 of season one.

I went to the “Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi”, where the Nigthmare Festival takes place, to attend to the first screening of the series.

The kind staff of the Festival gave me a pass and a catalogue of the event. I took also some flyers on In The Flesh from a table. The room had a quite big audience.

During the screening, I had the impression that the audience was liking the series a lot. Despite the tragic moments, the series got lot of irony. One good thing of seeing something on big screen with other people is you can share laughters with them. But there was also a deep silence during the most moving scenes in the 3rd episode.

First, when Kieren faces Bill Macy who has just killed his own son Rick, then his wife Janet hurts him with the same knife and later he’s killed by Ken Burton for revenge.

Second, when Kieren’s mother brings him home and finally the father shouts out all his grief, remembering when he found him dead.

Photography and Sound, which worked on TV, are great on big screen! All those landscapes from the British countryside look wider and are a good background to underline Kieren’s feelings. If the cast&creatives work together the same way, they can make a wonderful movie.

Here’s what an In The Flesh movie would look like according to Mitchell (16 October article on radiotimes.com)

Dominic Mitchell and Kevin Sutton were attending to the night and talked about the series after the screening.


Nightmare Series

Episodes 1, 2, 3 of season two.

Mitchell and Sutton attending to the night again.

I was sorry I couldn’t be there because I had a previous engagement.

The second season is longer than the first one, more characters have been added, like the Pro-Living MP Maxine Martin and Simon Monroe, a PDS Rights Activist and the twelfth disciple of the Undead Prophet. The story tells how Kieren is trying to go on, having lost his beloved Rick for the second time.


Episodes 4, 5, 6 of season two.

This time the screening was on the afternoon, there were the last three episodes of the series.

I went with my cinema-pal and friend Mara. We were sorry that the other big fan of the series , who was with me in London to see Teddy Ferrara, wasn’t able to join us from Florence. But I got a little surprise for her later!

In the last few minutes of the last episode, seeing Kieren and Simon side by side at the Walkers home, I thought that it could have been a sort of proper ending, but no, too many unanswered questions remain!

  • Who are those two sneaky people and where did they bring Amy?
  • Why Amy and Kieren’s bodies are changing?
  • What the other members of the Undead Liberation Army will do against Simon?
  • Who’s behind the Undead Prophet?
  • There will be a Second Rising?
  • Does that mean that some of the dead will be back? Like Maxine Martin’s little bro, Ken Burton, Vicar Oddie, Henry Lonsdale, Bill Macy, Lisa Lancaster?
  • Will Kieren find everlasting happiness with Simon or will be Rick back to him?
  • Will Amy and Kieren be BDFForever and ever?

After, there was the Q&A again and we got some answers.

In The Flesh QeA

Mitchell told that Kevin and him, watching the series again in Ravenna, thought they filmed so much material that four more episodes could have been added to the second season.

But the movie will tell everything, he’s working on the script already. Of course, we are getting to know where Amy has gone and the story will have a proper ending.

One of the audience told that he found amazing they cast Rita Tushingham (a famous British actress in auge in the ’60s and ’70s) to play Mrs. Lamb: he responded it was a “lucky accident” and they were proud to have had her on board. I can say she made a brilliant performance, everybody in the cast portrayed such peculiar characters!

Another Q was if Victus has any connection to a real British party and Mitchell confirmed.

My friend and me stayed for longer, so we had the chance to talk to them.

I asked Mitchell if all the cast is supposed to return in the movie, he told they’re managing to bring all back, because they are a big family and want to work together again. I really guess so! Would be impossible to think of any character being replaced by a different actor!

And, as usually happens, actors who play villains are very nice people in real life. Even if Kevin Sutton played the nasty Gary in the series, he was all smiles and jokes at the Festival. I told him I find nice his Summer style, of course the sunny week-end must have been still hot for him, and he told something like “We British, you know!”. I’m glad he liked our Ravenna, he told he wouldn’t leave and found it amazing! I hope both had the chance to take a walk on its beautiful streets and squares, to visit some monuments and, of course, to try some good food!

Here you can see some pictures of Dominic and Kevin attending to the Festival! Ravenna Nightmare

They were such sweethearts and signed a programme for with a lovely dedication!

I suspect also Steve Evets, who plays Bill Macy, could be a nice man, I’m following him, too, on Twitter!

So now let’s hope an Italian tv channel airs it, but not with the awful dubbing: it’s better to watch it in original with subtitles, as the Festival screened it!

For now, I’m happy I lived such an amazing experience, seeing ITF on big screen, meeting Mitchell and Sutton and getting their autographs, too, on my DVD and programme!

In The Flesh made the careers of some members of the cast and had some more famous actors as special guests. Now I’m keeping an eye on their next projects!


Programme and Catalogue of Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival from their site, it’s in Italian and English: http://ravennanightmare.it/2015/eng/programme.asp

In The Flesh on IMDB.com

Ravenna Nightmare Facebook Page Ravenna-Nightmare

Dominic Mitchell Twitter account

Kevin Sutton Twitter account

You can buy In The Flesh on DVD or bluray from stores, like Amazon.

Since the BBC didn’t give us a third season and left us without a proper ending, there’s a petition to make In The Flesh Movie possible. “It has to happen!” is the motto! I’ve signed it already! Please sign the petition: www.change.org – I would add that love scenes between Kieren and Simon would be greatly appreciated by fans! I know Luke could do this, after Teddy Ferrara, haha! The romance between Amy and Philip was great, as well. They can’t leave us like that!

Go to my page on In The Flesh.


A big thank you to Tania and Erika of the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival’s staff, for their kindness!

And to the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival creators for this premiere!



A local newspaper, Corriere Romagna, published an article on the event (in Italian).

Corriere Romagna 1 Nov15 InTheFlesh p34